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Words for Worship CD-ROM, Year C 2022

Words for Worship CD-ROM, Year C 2022

Words for Worship makes worship folder preparation easy by including week-to-week elements from Lectionary for Worship, Year C; Sundays and Seasons, Year C 2022; Psalter for Worship, Year B, Evangelical Lutheran Worship and Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings that will save time, ensure accuracy, and help make your folders clear and easy to use. Words for Worship content supports your worship even if your congregation is not yet using Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

On the single CD-ROM inside you'll find a user guide (as a printable PDF); biblical lectionary texts linked to the appropriate Sunday, weekday, or festival; Evangelical Lutheran Worship psalms, psalm tones, and refrains (melody lines only); seasonal liturgical texts, including prayers of intercession; other seasonal materials to enhance worship; weekly reflections based on the gospel reading; a calendar of festivals and commemorations with brief descriptions of those commemorated.

A copyright license granting limited reproduction rights for the 2021-2022 liturgical year is included with the purchase of this product.

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  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Format CD
  • Brand Sundays and Seasons
  • Year C
  • Dimensions 5.4 x 7.5
  • Item Number 9781506449999
  • Publication Date September 20, 2021

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