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Johannes Bugenhagen: Selected Writings, Volume I and Volume II

Johannes Bugenhagen: Selected Writings, Volume I and Volume II

Martin Luther did not reform the church by himself. Throughout his life, and in the decades after it, many others spent their careers and risked their lives in the pursuit of a renewed church. They, too, made crucial contributions to the Wittenberg reform movement.
In this landmark set, an extensive collection of writings from Johannes Bugenhagen, Luther’s pastor, friend, and colleague in reform, are presented for the first time in English. The vast majority of these works have only been available in their original, sixteenth-century editions.
Called by some the Second Apostle to the North, Johannes Bugenhagen (1485–1558) was a pivotal figure in the organization of the Lutheran movement in northern Germany and in parts of Scandinavia. His writings and diverse reforming activity made a lasting impression on church administration, education, the care of the poor, worship, and theology.
Representing the fruit of many years of labor, Reformation scholar Kurt K. Hendel has organized this extensive collection thematically—introducing us to Bugenhagen the man, the theologian, the exegete, the pastor, the church organizer, and the social reformer.


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  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781451465556
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  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 1480
  • Publication Date June 1, 2015


“It took a team to make the Wittenberg Reformation work. Alongside Luther and Melanchthon, Johannes Bugenhagen provided instruction for Wittenberg students, commentaries for pastors across Germany, and organizational aid to cities and principalities.  Hendel harvests his own lifetime of engagement with the ‘Pomeranian’ in a sprightly biographical sketch that presents the man in the various facets of his reforming activities. He adds translations of significant works—personal, pastoral, exegetical, doctrinal—and thus offers an introduction that will serve history buffs, university and seminary students, pastors, and historians. Helpful annotations guide readers into the historical setting effectively. A welcome addition to Reformation studies and texts!”
Robert Kolb
Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis

 “A longtime colleague of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon, the Wittenberg pastor and professor Johannes Bugenhagen brought unique insights and gifts to the Lutheran Reformation. Through this readable translation of many primary sources, Kurt Hendel skillfully introduces much of Bugenhagen’s life, theology, and writings to the English-speaking public. Readers will enjoy getting to know this important reformer of the church in his own—still very resonant—voice.”
Martin Lohrmann
Wartburg Theological Seminary
“Professor Hendel’s thoughtfully crafted milestone volumes make Johannes Bugenhagen’s representative works finally available for the international reader in English: theological treatments on justification, faith, and sacraments, paired with exegetical explorations, are complemented with pastorally and politically focused publications, sermons, letters, and, of course, the groundbreaking Braunschweig Church Order that reveals ‘Dr. Pommer’s’ organizational genius. With his expertise and judicious selections, Hendel demonstrates Luther's long-term friend’s multifaceted immersion in the sixteenth-century reforms and offers new important tracks for research.”
Kirsi I. Stjerna
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg