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Exodus Leader Session Guide: Books of Faith

Exodus Leader Session Guide: Books of Faith

In the book of Exodus, we learn that God prepares, calls, leads and forgives a chosen people - then and now. In this study, participants will consider the stories from Exodus that are central to the Old Testament and explore how the themes of these stories continue to be central to our lives today. Each session focuses on a different question and theme.
This 6-session course explores selected passages from Exodus.

  1. A Page is Turned: How is God preparing us to continue the story? (Exodus 1:8-14; 1:22-2:22)
  2. Discerning the Call: Why me? Couldn't someone else go instead? (Exodus 3:1-16; 4:10-17)
  3. A Plague on Your House: How is God at work in human history? (Exodus 7:1-13; 12:1-14)
  4. Let My People Go! How does God lead and provide for the needs of all? (Exodus 14:19—15:1; 16:11-15)
  5. Laying Down the Law: What does God expect from us? (Exodus 21:1-21)
  6. Don't Have a Cow! How does God deal with those who fail to meet expectations? (Exodus 32:1-20,30-35)

Note: This Leader Guide refers to a Session Prep Video and a subscription version of Book of Faith studies that are not available.

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