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A Story Worth Sharing: Engaging Evangelism

A Story Worth Sharing: Engaging Evangelism

God is up to something, and we are called to share this news! A Story Worth Sharing: Engaging Evangelism explores what God is doing in our lives, church, and communities—and how we can share this story in every place with all people in today's world. Through their own stories, the writers show how living and telling the story can be a natural part of daily life.
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  • Publication Date April 1, 2004


''The writers tell the old, old story of Jesus in fresh ways, lifting up current examples of God at work in our lives, church, and communities. Their clear witness sparks and invites our own active witness to Jesus.''
— John and Robin McCullough-Bade
Pastors and writers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

''What a refreshing effort! Lutherans taking on evangelism with clarity and conviction. Insightful, thought-provoking discourse from Lutheran practitioners who live out what they share in their ministries.''
— George Tan, Assistant to the Bishop for Mission Empowerment
Southwest California Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


If we dropped the word evangelism and the baggage it carries—for a time—and looked instead for the windows into our souls that constantly open and shut, we might do better. You see these windows in everyday conversations—like with my two friends. And if we seek a deep, integrated walk with God through Jesus the Christ, the open windows of conversations between friends will pull from our own lives the very things needed, the things God has for us to say, at just the right time. Happily, everyday life is the perfect place for such talk.
— From Chapter 8: Sharing the Story Every Day

Evangelical people have been, first of all, caught up in love...for the Lord our God. We know that there is nothing we could have ever done to deserve the gift we have been given. Through Jesus, God has saved us by calling us out of our old lives, out of darkness and despair and death, and into a new life of freedom and purpose and hope. Knowing exactly who and what we are, Jesus looks at us with love in his eyes anyway and says, ''Come, follow me.'' And, so, we go. We go because we know that our lives will finally be all that they are meant to be only when we answer this call. We follow him into a new life of service and sacrifice; we willingly give ourselves away. And we know that this is what it really means to be saved by grace through faith. Our salvation is a call! And, as we answer it, our very lives become a testimony to the free gift of God's amazing grace and the mighty power of God's Spirit at work within us. We find ourselves caught up in love for the Lord and wanting, more than anything, to be a part of what God is doing in the world.
— From the Introduction

Table of Contents

Introduction: Will We Be Who We Say We Are? Kelly A. Fryer


What in the World Is God up to? Richard Bliese

How in the World Does God Get Stuff Done? Robert Wallace

What Is God up to in Our Lives? Kathryn Bradley-Lowe

What is God up to in our Church? Dave Daubert

What Is God up to in Our Communities? Kelly A. Fryer


Building a Missional Congregation Michael W. Foss

Leading Congregational Transformation Jeff Marian

Sharing the Story Every Day Kirk Livingston

Engaging Evangelism in the Congregation Pat Taylor Ellison and Pat Keifert

Engaging Evangelism in Every Place
Introduction Kelly A. Fryer
Suburban Areas Craig Bollinger
Metropolitan Areas John R. Sabatelli
Inner-City Areas Greg Van Dunk
Mulit-Ethnic Settings George Villa
Rural Areas Nancy Nyland

Engaging Evangelism with Every People
Introduction Kelly A. Fryer
Evangelism among African Americans Rayford Grady
Evangelism among Arab and Middle Eastern Peoples Khader N. el-Yateem
Evangelism among Asians George Tan
Evangelism among Latinos Carmen Rodriguez Rivera
Evangelism among Native Americans Gary Benedict
Evangelism among Recent Immigrants Robert ''Bob'' Fritch

Engaging Evangelism in a New Day Andy Hagen

Conclusion: Where to Next? Jon V. Anderson

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