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Fifty-Two Simple Ways to Make a Difference

Fifty-Two Simple Ways to Make a Difference

Fifty-two Simple Ways to Make a Difference is a practical and inspiring book for general readers that reminds us that the little things we do count, and offers concrete suggestions for small ways of making a difference. Says the author, "I always run into people who have the 'well-what-could-I-do?' attitude. But small things really do make a difference. The longer I live the more I realize that the small things really are the big things in the long run." This book brings Simon's considerable experience in public service to general readers in a practical and inspiring way.
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  • Publisher Augsburg Books
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9780806646787
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
  • Pages 144
  • Publication Date April 19, 2004


"Senator Paul Simon has left us a clear message: Each of us has the power to build a better society. With just simple acts at the grassroots level, we can hep to change the world. Paul worked tirelessly to create a better world for all its inhabitants and has described a few 'simple' ways to continue his good work."
— President Jimmy Carter

"As a colleague of the late Senator Paul Simon, I witnessed first-hand his compassion and caring for those in need. Once again, he calls on us to help create a better world through simple, everyday acts of kindness and generosity. We can follow his lead and make a difference, just as he did during his illustrious life."
— The Honorable Senator Bob Dole