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Lutheran Study Bible (Enlarged Print)

Lutheran Study Bible (Enlarged Print)

The Lutheran Study Bible (Enlarged Print) is out of print.

We have a few different options to recommend depending on your needs:

  • If you are looking for a print Bible in a large font size, please consider the NRSV XL. The NRSV XL combines 13-point font size with an attractive style and format and is designed to provide a wonderful reading experience for those who appreciate larger print size. This special easy-to-read large print setting includes a concordance to help readers find key passages. 8.5" x 8" NuTone cover.
  • If you want the Lutheran Study Bible's notes and the ability to adjust the font size, please consider the Lutheran Study Bible (Electronic Version). Lutheran Study Bible Features the NRSV translation as well as introductions, notes, and articles written by more than sixty Lutheran pastors and teaching theologians. This resource is designed to invite readers to experienc the Bible and its message through solid background material, unique Lutheran insights, and opportunities for faith reflection. Raeder-freiendly, inviting, and engaging, this is the perfect study Bible for those who want to encounter Scripture in a fresh and new way!
  • If you want a print Bible with Lutheran-specific notes, you may want the regular-print edition of Lutheran Study Bible, available in both hardcover and paperback. Note: Lutheran Study Bible contains 10-point biblical text and 7-point study notes. See the chart of Bible Type Sizes below for comparison of type point size.
  • This item is no longer available

  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • ISBN 9780806697437
  • Bible Format Study
  • Dimensions 8.625 x 11.125
  • Pages 2112
  • Language/Translation NRSV
  • Publication Date October 31, 2009

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