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Genesis: Texts @ Contexts series

Genesis: Texts @ Contexts seriesGenesis: Texts @ Contexts series
De-centering the predominant first-world orientation of past biblical scholarship, the Texts @ Contexts series presents cutting-edge scholarship on select books of the Bible from authors writing from a rich array of social, cultural, and ethnic locations, all participants in the Society of Biblical Literature's Contextual Biblical Interpretation Section. The result is a series of dazzlingly new and thought-provoking readings that foreground the perspectives and commitments of the interpreters as well as issues of identity, ethnicity, gender, class, location, and power, offered for a diverse and increasingly globalized world. Genesis foregrounds cultural readings of subjects including ancestry and immigration, dreams and naming, Diaspora and exile, leadership and land, feuds and godliness.
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  • Format Hardcover
  • Height 9
  • ISBN 9780800659998
  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Pages 368
  • Width 6
  • Publication Date Feb 22, 2010


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"This series indicates how biblical exposition will look in the future. The distinctive mark is not only that these volumes are truly global in content but also that each one assembles a variety of voices and perspectives that normally have been excluded from traditional scholarship."
—R. S. Sugirtharajah
Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom