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Sacred Longings: The Ecological Spirit and Global Culture

Sacred Longings: The Ecological Spirit and Global CultureSacred Longings: The Ecological Spirit and Global Culture
Noted theologian Mary Grey believes we have gotten out of touch with our deepest desires and that this has caused us to acquiesce in global capitalism's most problematic characteristics. Story and symbol, she argues, can put us back in touch with our ''sacred longings.'' Focusing on such simple yet profound symbols as water, light, and sacred space, she tries to re-instill a spiritual quest. In the end, she envisions spirituality — a kind of ecomystical renewal — as an element in the transformation of desire, lived out in Christian community.

Part One examines how our culture has lost heart; Part Two analyzes our restless hearts; Part Three asks us to take heart and rekindle our thirst for righteousness.
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  • Publication Date Feb 20, 2004


''Grey's intention is to transform desire from the 'want' of the consumer to an integrated spiritual longing, which holds together body, spirit, and nature.''
— Anna Robbins, London Bible College

Table of Contents


    Part One: Losing Heart

  1. A Globalized Culture: The End of Vision?
  2. Women, Wilderness, Water: The End of Liberation?
  3. Split at the Roots: The End of Theology?

    Part Two: Restless Heart

  4. From Kenosis to Flourishing: A Task for Theology
  5. 'Becoming a Watered Garden': A Sacramental Poetics

    Part Three: Taking Heart

  6. Spirit and the Re-education of Our Longing
  7. Ecofeminist Theology: Challenge and Inspiration
  8. The Practice of Ecomysticism
  9. Gandhi and Speaking Truth from the Heart
  10. The Recovery of Desire

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