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Star of Promise: Ten Preludes on Advent Hymns

Star of Promise: Ten Preludes on Advent HymnsStar of Promise: Ten Preludes on Advent Hymns
This set of preludes provides the season-busy organist with prelude and/or service music for hymns. Each prelude is set in its own character and is designed for organists with modest skills to introduce or reinforce Advent hymns.
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  • Pages 28
  • Publisher Augsburg Fortress
  • Season/Occasion Advent
  • Voicing Organ
  • Difficulty Easy-Medium
  • Dimensions 9 x 12
  • Publication Date Apr 27, 2015
  • Item Number 9781451499087

Composer Commentary

There are innumerable organ compositions of every variety and complexity on Christmas hymns, but not so many on Advent hymns. These preludes are not intended as recital pieces, rather as service music to draw both organist and listener toward Advent tunes. They enable the organist to widen the congregation’s acquaintance with Advent hymns.

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