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Sundays and Seasons

Plan worship with comprehensive content and ideas for liturgy, music, preaching, and visuals.

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This rich, reliable resource for worship planning offers an expansive library of content and ideas for liturgy, music, preaching, and visuals in one convenient location.

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How does Sundays and Seasons support worship?

  • Efficient online planning

    Use—a robust online tool—to make planning all aspects of worship easier and more efficient.

  • Reliable content, regularly refreshed

    Access commended resources plus regularly added new content from pastors, scholars, musicians, and visual artists.

  • Inspiring—and actionable—ideas

    Find creative, trustworthy ideas for music, prayers, preaching, visual environment, seasonal emphases, and children’s worship participation.

  • Connects to the common lectionary

    Connect your worship planning—and your worshipers—to this ecumenical pattern of reading scripture each week.