All Creation Sings covers

All Creation Sings

a liturgy and song supplement in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship resource family.

All Creation Sings includes:

  • Two liturgies of Holy Communion with new musical settings
  • A Service of Word and Prayer designed especially for contemplative worship
  • More than seventy-five new prayers and liturgical forms for diverse occasions and circumstances
  • Approximately 200 hymns and songs, many of them newly created over the last fifteen years, supporting the church year and a wide range of topics

Hand in hand with Evangelical Lutheran Worship, this supplement invites us to expand our prayer and song, joining our voices with the praise, and sighs, of the whole creation God so marvelously made.

Latest Updates

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  • All Creation Sings: Pew Edition

    All Creation Sings is a new, comprehensive song and prayer collection for every worshiping community. Supplementing Evangelical Lutheran Worship, this resource contains expansive hymns and liturgies that invite us to join our voices with God’s whole creation.



  • All Creation Sings Accompaniment Edition

    Full accompaniments to the liturgical music and the hymns, as well as guidance on how to lead various genres of song. Spiral-bound landscape format minimizes page turns.



  • All Creation Sings Leaders Edition

    The liturgical section is presented in larger format and the content is expanded to include everything needed for the worship leader to conduct the services.



  • All Creation Sings Guitar Accompaniment Edition

    Guitar accompaniments for Holy Communion Settings 11 and 12 as well as every hymn in the Pew Edition.



  • All Creation Sings: Enlarged Print Edition

    This edition contains the same pages as in the Pew edition, enlarged by 125% to 7-1/2" x 11".



  • All Creation Sings: Pew Edition eBook

    This electronic version of All Creation Sings contains all the same content as the pew edition and is optimized for both iBooks and Google Books.



  • Indexes to Evangelical Lutheran Worship and All Creation Sings

    This revised edition of Indexes to Evangelical Lutheran Worship has been expanded and supplemented with new material from All Creation Sings. Because the Revised Common Lectionary and many hymns and songs are held in common by many denominations, the contents of this volume may be helpful to those beyond the Lutheran tradition. 



  • Ensemble Setting of Holy Communion (Setting 12): Full Score and Instrumental Parts

    Ensemble Setting of Holy Communion: Setting 12 is an enhanced instrumental setting of All Creation Sings Holy Communion, Setting 12.



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