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    Every Monday Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on the text from the day before. Continue to reflect and ponder on Sunday’s text as you begin your week.

  • Call to Allyship: Preparing Your Congregation for Leaders of Color

    How can churches do the work of becoming allies for the leaders they call? In belonging to a predominantly white denomination, ELCA members are called to listen and learn from its leaders of color to recognize the assumptions, biases, and harmful actions that result when congregations don’t do the work to become allies. Authors offer wisdom, storytelling, and concrete suggestions for churches preparing to call a leader of color. Call to Allyship is a must-read for call committees, church councils, social justice teams, and anyone prepared to do the work of understanding, welcoming, and celebrating these leaders.

  • Ashes to Action: Finding Myself at the Intersection of the Minneapolis Uprising

    After the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a passionate uprising erupted, with the intersection of 38th and Chicago at its epicenter. One block away stood Calvary Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation whose members had engaged in racial justice work for years.

    In Ashes to Action, Shari Seifert provides her riveting first-person account of the events following May 25, 2020. Shari joined others in the Calvary community to show up, listen, and ask what was needed in the moment. As the lines between her congregation and neighborhood blurred, the way toward a faithful response because clearer. This personal narrative stays rooted in the context of community, immersing readers in the days, weeks, and months following the uprising.

  • Unscheduled Grace

    Unscheduled Grace: 40 Reflections and Prayers for College Students is a collection of devotions and prayers. This book can accompany students through the changes, challenges, and joys of college living, including homework, relationships, stress, vocation, and more.

  • Remind Me Again

    Poet, artist, and educator Joe Davis has written Remind Me Again: Poems and Practices for Remembering Who We Are, a collection of 41 poems that will inspire, challenge, and affirm readers from all stages of life. These poems speak to our mind, body, and spirit, to our community, and to our purpose.

  • Remind Me Again Facilitator Guide

    Rev. Jia Starr Brown has developed 41 lessons based on Joe Davis’s poems in Remind Me Again. Each lesson helps you have meaningful discussions about Joe’s poetry as well as helping guide you to form more meaningful connections with your own community. Endlessly flexible, this resource can be used as a 10-minute addition to a lesson or as a full 41-week curriculum of hour-long sessions.

  • Come, Emmanuel: Devotions for Advent & Christmas 2023 - 2024

    Explore the Advent season and celebrate the joy of the twelve days of Christmas and the day of Epiphany. Come, Emmanuel includes daily devotions for the first Sunday of Advent (December 3, 2023) through Epiphany (January 6, 2024). In addition to devotions, the book offers household blessings and prayers to enrich your preparations and celebrations.

  • Gather Together

    Bring your entire congregation together to learn about All Creation Sings, worship, and spend time in community with this intergenerational guide. This will be a great addition to the worship life of your church. Participants will grow in faith, build relationships and have fun together. This resource includes eight different intergenerational events for your congregation to explore.

  • Preaching to the Choir

    Preaching to the Choir imparts practical and pastoral wisdom to church musicians in their vocation as choir directors. This second edition attends to recent challenges choir directors have encountered and provides guidance as they look to the future, always with a sense of the Spirit’s presence.