Augsburg Fortress

  • Weekly Devotional Sign-Up

    Every Monday Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on the text from the day before. Continue to reflect and ponder on Sunday’s text as you begin your week.

  • Remind Me Again

    Poet, artist, and educator Joe Davis has written Remind Me Again: Poems and Practices for Remembering Who We Are, a collection of 41 poems that will inspire, challenge, and affirm readers from all stages of life. These poems speak to our mind, body, and spirit, to our community, and to our purpose.

  • ChildrenSing Creation

    This engaging collection for singers 8-12 years old provides 11 anthems that highlight a variety of themes related to creation from the delight of God’s creative activity to our role in honoring and caring for the earth. Composers include Helen Kemp, John Ferguson, and Mark Patterson.

  • Operation Restoration

    Based on the art of Daniel Erlander, Operation Restoration is a Vacation Bible School about teaching kids to participate in God’s mending of the world.

  • Kids Celebrate All Creation Sings

    Help kids engage with worship in a new way by giving them our new, interactive Kids Celebrate booklets. These booklets go with All Creation Sings, the worship and song supplement released in 2020, and help kids learn to use a hymnal and understand what’s going on during church.

  • A Time to Say Goodbye

    It can be hard to talk about death, especially when you’re trying to explain loss to kids. Our new book, A Time to Say Goodbye, teaches kids about funerals and helps them understand what it means for someone to die and what God promises will happen next.