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Hymn Recommendations for an Evangelical Lutheran Worship Supplement


Thank you for your interest in submitting a Hymn Recommendation for a future Evangelical Lutheran Worship supplement.

In 2006, Evangelical Lutheran Worship was released for use in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Congregations are still mining the depths of its resources or perhaps discovering it for the first time. However, as church and society continue to encounter change, new needs and new opportunities arise. Renewal is ongoing for the life of the church and its worship.

New hymns and songs are one facet of such ongoing worship renewal. By using this online form to make a recommendation, you help the ELCA and Augsburg Fortress staff in their task of discovering hymns and songs published since 2005 (the year the ELCA hymn corpus was set) that would serve the wider church. Know that the staff has access to a long history of hymnals and resources published prior to 2005; we are not looking for recommendations from previous publications. We are seeking recommendations of hymns/songs written or composed since 2005 that not only have served a particular setting, but that would also be valuable to the wider church. These hymns/songs might be found in more recently published hymnals or collections, in online resources, or could be newly composed texts and tunes.

The scope of this project is limited; unlike developing a core resource, we will not be reviewing many thousands of hymns. Yet our hope is that through the wisdom shared here and in other ways, we will identify songs and hymns that will serve the church well in the coming years.

To recommend a hymn/song for consideration, click "Continue" to begin.

Deadline: June 16, 2019