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Encourage spiritual growth by providing personal, household, or group devotionals for your congregation.

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    Reflect on short, inspirational, daily devotional messages written from a Lutheran perspective. Also available in large print.

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  • Quarterly subscription

    Enrich your faith with thought-provoking messages in these scripture-based daily devotionals. Also available in large print.

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    Celebrate the seasons and church year with Advent, Lenten, and daily devotionals for individuals, groups, and families.

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    Inspire families to take time to pray and talk about faith with this devotional based on biblical themes.

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How will these devotionals support your ministry?

  • Enrich your outreach

    Make meaningful connections with visitors and the congregation through devotionals.

  • Encourage a thoughtful approach to faith

    Help individuals support their prayer journey with daily Bible reading and reflection.

  • Hear from many contributors

    Offer insights from a diverse pool of writers who are also growing in faith.

  • Establish a daily or seasonal practice

    Provide a guide for those who want to live a more intentional Christian life.